Penn Creative Labs

About Us

Who We Are

Penn Creative Labs is a community of developers and designers at Penn who work together to build projects from ground up. Our members work on web and app development, UI/UX design, and other creative projects for a variety of initiatives.

Our club is beginner-friendly – we highly encourage anyone with a remote interest in coding or design to apply!

What We Do


Before our members start their semester-long projects, they go through a 2-week bootcamp in either the design or development track. Our development curriculum covers a variety of topics such as Github, HTML/CSS, and React.js, while our design track covers topics such as typography, color theory, and Figma 101.


Each semester, our members form teams to build out a variety of projects. Members can brainstorm their own ideas and either lead a team or build it out individually/in pairs. Additionally, members have the option to work on projects for clients, such as other student groups or external organizations.


Penn Creative Labs values our community – throughout the semester, we'll be hosting a variety of (virtual) events for our members socialize.

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We were inspired by the creativity and inclusivity we saw at student orgs at other universities, and we wanted to bring this to Penn as well. Below are some of the orgs we were influenced by. Check out their amazing work too!